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Are you the one who ends up with the boxes of old lettersunlabeled photographs, and other memorabilia, whenever a loved one passes?  Do you have family history stored in old boxes in the attic or the basement closet?   Do you have boxes that contain your children’s, and/or your own, school picturesschool papersartworkreport cards and other things that you were always going to organize, but never found the time?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had organized these things as you went along… maybe you did for a while back after your first baby, but then life got in the way…  Is your collection of boxes, containing other peoples stuff getting out of control?  

sorting process

 There comes a time when you need to either Scrap It or Trash it…  It’s time to start an “Heirloom Rescue”…  before it’s too late….   but how do you start?

If you are looking for ways to preserve the history of your ancestors, your personal history, and the memories of your children, then this blog is for you.  If family traditions are important to you then this blog is for you.  Join me on my journey to find and preserve what is meaningful and get rid of the rest.  Your comments and ideas are welcome.


So, if you’re ready, let’s get started Rescuing Our Heirlooms before it is too late!


Things You Will Need to Organize Your Family History

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How To File it So You Can Find The Things You Have

 Is It Worth Keeping?

13 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Throw it Out

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