Alex Haley Quote

Alex Haley Quote

Alex Haley Quote

This Alex Haley Quote is made using Digital Graphics from the Antique Romance  Kit available in the Heirloom Rescue Shop.

This quote by Alex Haley is so true.  I always wonder, when someone I know and love leaves this world, about all the things they never told me.

When I was young I was staying with my grandmother and had just gone through a break up with a boy who I believed to be the love of my life.  We were getting ready to go somewhere and she made the comment that one day she would have to tell me about her first love.  It just wasn’t a good time to talk about it right then.  We never got back to that conversation for about 10 years.  By then I was helping to take care of her while she was dying of cancer.  I was just sitting by her bed holding her hand.  She was talking about how life is really so short and it’s all over before we know it.  So I decided to ask her about her “first love” as she had called him.  I wanted to hear that story.  She replied with “What I would like to know is why you would be asking me such a personal question?”  So much for sharing!  The next day the library burned.  So, I’ve learned the hard way to seize the moment.  If a loved one wants to tell you a story, don’t put it off.  You may never have the opportunity again.  Don’t let your libraries burn with their stories untold.

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