Family Tradition: Sometimes Maybe We Need to Just Shoot Each Other! (Paint ball)

I Know It Sounds Like A Sick Family Tradition!

I know it.  Shooting each other sounds awful.  Especially in light of some of the tragedies in the news, but I believe we can’t let the few crazy, sick people in this world take the fun and joy out of life.  I first became aware that some members of our family felt the need to shoot at some of the rest of us when my brother-in-law bought each of us a paintball gun for Christmas.  Actually it was a great gift, (they look scarier than they really are) I don’t think my kids ever received a gift that they enjoyed more.  However, going out and shooting each other on Christmas Day just doesn’t seem right.  It may have even been somewhat sacrilegious, but we did it that first year anyway.  So began this family tradition.

paintball family tradition p1

This page is made using a paint splatter by Digilicious in a kit called Graffiti available at RAK Scraps. The leather and brad are part of the Serandipidy kit by Carrie Stevens.

We had all the helmets, goggles, masks and recommended safety equipment.  We had a great time.  Even my sister who was eventually forced to go to the Dr. with a small injury that just wouldn’t heal.  My bother’s girlfriend shot her in the calf and the resulting injury put her through three courses of antibiotics.  She was wearing jeans at the time, so an injury of this caliber came as a surprise.  She has still banned herself from the family tradition that began with this Christmas gift.  You would think we might ban the one who shot her, though it did result in a rule.  No sneaking up behind anyone and shooting them at point blank range!  Yes, that seems like a reasonable rule.  My sister is now the self appointed photographer for our annual family tradition.  Resulting in yet another rule.  No Shooting At The Photographer!

paintball family traditon p2

We now hold this family tradition annually at our Labor Day Weekend Camping Family Reunion.  We all look forward to it with great anticipation.  Yes, once a year, we all run out, hide in the woods, and strategically plan to shoot each other.  We divide into teams and have winners every year, though they never actually win anything.  I guess they just enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they won.  Notice I say they won, I have never won!  We have target practice for the younger children, our future militia in training.  We let them use sling shots with the paintballs too.  Actually the family tradition of shooting each other brings us all together at least once a year…and isn’t that what family traditions are for?

How about your family?  What have you done that turned into a great family tradition?

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