Gann Family History

Photograph found in Gann Family History Papers

Do You know who “Peaches and Josie” are?  Do you have pictures of them in your family history?

Laura, Peaches, and Josie

Laura, Peaches, and Josie

This page of Gann Family History was made using the Antique Romance kit available in the Heirloom Rescue Store.

The photograph in this layout was found in a box of old Gann family history papers and is labeled “Laura, Peaches, and Josie”.

  • The girl at the top center is my Great grandmother, Laura Cathryn Gann, Keigley, born 17 May 1874 in Wamego, Pottawatomie, Kansas and died the 28th of  September 1962 in Littleton Colorado.   She married Ora Elijah Keigley on the 18th of March 1896 in Wabansee, Kansas.  Their wedding pictures were taken in Joplin Missouri.

  •  According to recorded Gann family history Laura’s father was William Wiley Gann  born 16th January 1849 in Tennessee and died the 15th of May 1906 in Reno Kansas.

  • Laura’s mother, Mary Elizabeth Graham, was born the 26th of May 1854 in Green County Kentucky and died the 22cd of August 1897 in Wabansee Kansas.

  • Laura’s siblings are:

  1. Ida B. Gann, Pearson
  2.  Lillian Julia Gann, Bowman
  3.  Arthur Ernest Gann
  4.  Thomas Leroy Gann
  5.  Benjamin Oliver Gann
  6.  Mildred Anna Gann, Young (who went by Dottie)
  7. Robert Earl Gann.
  • This picture doesn’t appear to be any of her siblings.  I think they could easily be family.  Josie on the right looks quite a lot like Dottie or Mildred Anna, but she would have only been 2 years old in 1893.

  •  Do you know who “Peaches and Josie” are?  If so, I would like to know.  Cousins maybe?  Ancestors of yours?  Leave me a comment.

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